17 hours later…and I made it! Finally in BCS!

Hey guys,
A few days ago I made the trip from Central Florida to Texas.  I was excited to move to Bryan/College Station, so I figured “I’ll just leave at 2am and drive straight through! No problem! It’ll only take 13 1/2 -14 hours or so!”. Well, 17 hours later…I made it. I was a zombie. I guess that 20-something mile long bridge on I-10 in Louisiana (photo below) thought it would be reasonable to do ‘shoulder construction’ at 10-11a on a random Wednesday morning. Either way, I made it alive and I’ve officially moved into my new house in CS! Now, you just need to let me know the ‘MUST DO’s’ of BCS. You can comment below OR connect with me on Twitter & Facebook! I’m so excited to be on-the-air officially now on the all new Maverick 102.7! Stay in touch with me on-air every weekday from 2-6p! – Drew

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