Mel’s Helpful Pinterest Find of the Week

This one is for the ladies, or the husbands, boyfriends and Dads that want to be a hero to the lady or ladies in their life.

This has happened to women everywhere for decades at some point..the broken make-up compact!

Of course, you just bought it yesterday and this morning you knocked it off your bathroom counter and now it’s in a million pieces. There goes a nice chunk of change down the drain… NOT ANYMORE!


All you have to do is pour a few teaspoons of Rubbing Alcohol over the cracked make-up. Then stir and break up chunks of make-up until all the chunks are dissolved.  Let it set out on a flat surface overnight.

The alcohol will dry up, giving you perfectly fresh make-up!

Drake reminds you that only rubbing alcohol will work, not whiskey.

Your Welcome 🙂