It’s On! Between Maren Morris and “Rolling Stone”

MAREN MORRIS hit up Twitter to call out Rolling Stone for saying Sunday’s ACMs “dropped the ball” on their Route 91 tribute.  They accused the academy of being “unwilling to confront difficult emotion head-on.”

Maren has a personal stake in this because she was one of the artists who addressed the tragedy at the beginning of the show.  She called “Rolling Stone’s” accusation “unnecessary.”

Quote, “Artists who want to talk about Vegas HAVE talked about it and everyone just wants to exhale.  How about asking one of the country fans who survived that night if they felt the ball was dropped.  Or JASON [ALDEAN].  I think the ACMs were respectful.”

She added, “I get that everyone has an opinion, but if you weren’t there and they aren’t YOUR fans who were taken, maybe don’t judge a show that’s trying to help everyone move on.”