Aggie Fans React to Newly Renovated Kyle Field



TEXAS A&M – Aggie fans showed up in record numbers to Saturday’s home opener against Lamar.

After spending a large chunk of $450 million on phase 1 of the renovation, Texas A&M hopes the new Kyle Field gets rave reviews – even with more work to be done after the season.

“We’ve been watching them build it for nine months now, and now you get to see the final, well somewhat half final product. Very impressive,” said Aggie fan Doug Heath.

For the most part, we heard rave reviews from fans.

“You can hardly recognize the new Kyle field,” Kevin Meloy, one of those fans.

The record crowd loved what they saw, even after enduring a two hour weather delay.

“We stuck it out, but I’m glad we did…just to get to experience another Aggie football game,” said Kelsey Mitsdarffer.

“I like how they have two screens now so people on the other side can see the screen better and I think it’s just amazing,” said Aggie fan Garrison Nunn.

“I liked the food,” said Tate Swann

“It was so much louder and it was so much more awesome to hear the whole student body just really roar,” said Sophia Finkbeiner.

As you might expect, not everything was perfect.

“They could work on the volume a little bit…you couldn’t hear super crisp and clear, so that’s probably because now the south end is closed in, you’re getting some bounce-back I think, so they’ll tweak it,” said Aggie fan Rick Nussle.

“The one part I didn’t like was the cannon was outside, but they still played it on the Gigatron which was awesome,” said Chris Devries.

Fans were also upset because several concession stands ran out of ice…at least one of those before the originally scheduled kickoff.

All in all, not a bad debut for the largest college football stadium in Texas.

“It just felt that much more grand and gave our entrance into the SEC more meaning,” Mitsdarffer said.

“We are a force to be reckoned with and now Kyle Field proves it,” Devries said.